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Excellent SDK and support

I recently started using the MatriX SDK for a web-based chat in ASP.NET. I use it in combination with OpenFire and so far it seems like an excellent SDK that I will most likely buy and keep using.

They also give very good support via their forums. I had a problem with my implementation and they helped me identify the problem and fix it. They respond very fast to my forum posts and give useful information.

Gilian Keulens, Obec Software Engineering B.V.

Research and Development

Matrix library is very awesome. We have already used it without a problem until now. The API is very great and very extensible. You can use the library even without looking at the documentation. Another great thing is the customer support, it’s awesome. Definitely a great library in .NET world.

Welly Tambunan, PT Petrolink Services R&D

Customer support is amazing

I have analyzed lots of .net xmpp sdk and Matrix is the best and the easiest to use.
Customer support is amazing.

Seckin Durgay, Matriks


Alex from AG-Software is a bright individual who we have worked with on several occasions regarding the implementation of XMPP servers and development understanding in order to introduce the technology into our vehicle tracking solution at that time. He is very professional, hardworking and technically able, I would recommend Alex to anyone thinking of introducing XMPP into their organisation.

Simon Atherton, Tracking By Design

Matrix as made XMPP fun

Matrix has made XMPP fun and easier to develop for windows and ce platform. The sdk as been well thought out and offers a whole host of functions to allow you to become up and running in a very quick time.

Support is not too bad at all, but the forum does provide plenty of answers to common problems so it should be rare to really need any in depth support.

In all I would say that Matrix does offer a great sdk and it will save you many man hours in xmpp development. I do reccomend it and as yet not discovered any major issues.

However still waiting for Alex to finish socks5 encoding. Which i think will add a new dimension to this wonderful product.

Max Parsons, Taximax

We are very impressed

We’ve been running agsxmpp for about 2 years, at the heart of a high volume mission critical application, and I don’t believe we’ve ever had a single error that could be traced back to it. We were very impressed. I’m looking forward immensely to using Matrix instead, as the inability to use standard LINQ was pretty much the only complaint any of us had with the software.

Chris Hagan, Monash University

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