XmppDotNet is the successor of the MatriX SDK.

We strongly recommend to use XmppDotNet for all new development.

Go to the XmppDotNet website or the GitHub page of XmppDotNet.

Install from NuGet

NuGet packages are available for all platforms we offer MatriX for. You can find all packages also here on

MatriX for Windows

PM> Install-Package MatriX

MatriX for Windows light

PM> Install-Package MatriX.Light

MatriX for WinRT

PM> Install-Package MatriX.WinRT

MatriX for WinRT Universal Apps

PM> Install-Package MatriX.WinRT.Uni

MatriX for Windowns Phone Silverlight

PM> Install-Package MatriX.WindowsPhone

MatriX for Xamarin iOS

PM> Install-Package MatriX.Xamarin.iOS

MatriX for Xamarin Android

PM> Install-Package MatriX.Xamarin.Android

MatriX for Mono

PM> Install-Package MatriX.Mono

Request a MatriX evaluation license

Read the changelog

OLD MatriX downloads

MatriX for .NET
MatriX for Windows Phone (7.1, 7.5 and 8)
MatriX for WinRT
MatriX for Xamarin iOS
MatriX for Xamarin Android
MatriX for Silverlight
MatriX Mobile

MatriX for .NET (Desktop) requires .NET 3.5 or newer.