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Evaluation license

Before you get started request your evaluation license online here:


You can find the MatriX developer tutorial here:

When you are new to XMPP then we also suggest to read the book XMPP: The Definitive Guide to learn more about XMPP.
Using our SDK requires basic XMPP knowledge. This is why we always suggest this book to all XMPP newbies.


You can find many code examples online here:

The API of all MatriX editions is exactly the same. There are only a few platform specific features which are only available on specific MatriX editions.
When there are no examples available for the platform you target, then just look at the examples for the other platforms. The most examples are available for the Full .NET framework edition.


You can find some Screencasts here:


If you develop under Unity with MatriX please read this post: 


you can find the changelog here:


Feel free to ask any questions in our forum at The forums are also a great knowledge base. There are already tons of answered questions including sample codes and general help.

Live chat

You can join our XMPP support chat over a webbrowser under the following Url:

Or with any XMPP client using the address