Footloose is a fast and scalable asynchronous distributed computing and service library that was designed to be fast, secure, simple to use, unobtrusive and without the need of client side code generation or proxy classes.

It was developed to connect or build distributed applications on the .NET/Mono platform with enterprise features like load-balancing, clustering, encryption, service discovery and single-sign on.

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Why Footloose?

Do you know the availability of your services?


Footloose provides you with presence subscriptions and notifications.

Presence notifications:

  • contains network availability information from an endpoint
  • informs you about status changes like connect, disconnect or priority/availability changes
  • helps you to early identify and handle inconvenient events like service failures, heavy load or maintenance downtime

Do you know the location of your services?


Footloose provides you service discovery without configuration.

Service discovery helps you to:

  • find endpoints that offer a service you want to consume or notify
  • find out and distinguish the capabilities of Footloose endpoints

Service discovery:

  • is done automatically by Footloose
  • does not need local configuration
  • works with multi network scenarios like cross-site and cloud applications

Do you need high-availability, load-balancing and automatic fail-over?


Footloose provides you mechanisms to easily implement such scenarios.

With the help of presence information and service discovery your’re able to:

  • early identify inconvenient events like service failures, heavy load or maintenance downtime
  • find and fail-over to other services that offer the service to consume or notify
  • retry as soon as you receive the online/recover presence notification

Do you care about security and privacy?


Footloose provides you enterprise features out of the box.

When using the XMPP transport channel then:

  • the connection is encrypted and compressed via TLS, no need for a VPN
  • the XMPP server can use several authentication sources, e.g. Active Directory
  • Single-SignOn scenarios are possible

Being sick from endless configuration and complicated tools?


Footloose was designed to be easy to use.


  • is easy to use, only a few lines of code to start with
  • is unobtrusive, no attributes like [OperationContract] and no base class required
  • doesn’t do Code-Generation nor creates Client Proxy Classes – it keeps your code clean
  • is model driven – use your strongly-typed DTOs/POCOs

Annoyed by endless discussions about infrastructure and administration?


Footloose prevents you from discussions about opening several ports in the firewall, etc.

Footloose provides:

  • real-time bi-directional communication without opening ports in the firewall, no polling
  • easy communication over networks and different sites, even with proxies

Trial License

You can request a Footloose trial license online here.