Footloose is sold as a per-developer licensing model.

All purchases include 12 months of email support and updates. You’ll get each release within 12 months without additional charge. The license will not expire, you can use the product for the whole lifetime. Once the 12 months subscription expires you’ll no longer receive the latest releases and updates. However you can renew the subscription for support and updates for another 12 month period for 50% of the regular price.

Footloose license

developers price per developer   renew S&M  
1 – 2 1450,- EUR order now 725,- EUR renew now
3 – 4 1300,- EUR order now 650,- EUR renew now
5 – 9 1150,- EUR order now 575,- EUR renew now
10 – 25 1050,- EUR order now 525,- EUR renew now
25 + contact sales@ag-software.de      

Trial License

You can request a Footloose trial license online here.