MatriX is the successor of the agsXMPP library. For commercial projects we recommend to use MatriX.

agsXMPP is a SDK / library for the eXtensibleMessaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) protocol written in managed C# dedicated to .NET and Mono technologies. The SDK is released as open source under a dual license.

Our SDK could be used for XMPP client, server and component development.

Here is a small sample how easy you can login to a XMPP Server and send a simple chat-message to another user in only 3 lines of code with agsXMPP:

XmppClientConnection xmpp = new XmppClientConnection("");
xmpp.Open("myusername", "mysecret"); 
xmpp.OnLogin += delegate(object o) { xmpp.Send(new Message("",, "Hello, how are you?")); };


  • cross platform, designed for:
    • Microsoft .NET Framework
    • Microsoft .NET Compact Framework (Pocket PC, Smartphone, Windows CE)
    • Mono
    • Portable .NET
    • compatible with .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0
  • Multi OS (Windows, Linux, Mac…)
  • for client, server and web applications
  • fast and lightweight
  • uses its own simple and fast XML-Parser
  • open source
  • easy to use

XMPP Features: