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MatriX vNext development update

There has not been a major release of the MatriX XMPP library for some month. I am working hard on the next major update and want to give a small summary on whats coming. There are some huge changes in the latest .NET releases. The effort to combine legacy .NET, Xamarin, MONO and netCore to […]

Simpler code in handlers using pattern matching

The pattern matching feature which came with c# 7 can be very useful when writing XMPP stanza handlers with MatriX. The MatriX vNext handlers are using predicates to filter and match stanzas. Sometimes the predicates can get very complex and would require a lot of type casts without pattern matching. So pattern matching makes you […]

MatriX vNext 2.0 released

we are thrilled to announce MatriX vNext 2.0 main changes in 2.0 are: minor API changes which force major version bump (semver) Direct TLS support (XEP-0368) netstandard 2.0 support new NameResolver wich allows to specify IP addresses of the XMPP server manual new Matrix.Extensions package with extensions and helper functions myget feed for latest dev […]

Introducing MatriX vNext

We are thrilled to announce the next generation of the MatriX XMPP libraries. 15 years elapsed already since we started our first .NET/c# XMPP library agsXMPP with .NET 1.0. Our XMPP libraries and the .NET technologies had many major evolutions over the years. With the switch to .Net Core we also took the opportunity for […]

MatriX XMPP SDK available for .NET Core

The MatriX XMPP SDK is also available for the .NET Core now. You can get it from NuGet here: It passed all our internal tests and QA, but its still marked as a pre-release until we collected some more feedback from users. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly, or use our forums for any […]

MatriX v2 released

We are pleased to announce the stable releases of MatriX 2. More about the changes in the v2 version can be found in this blog post Instead of installers we will use NuGet only for all future MatriX releases. You can find all MatriX NuGet packages here Sample codes can be found in the Git […]

MatriX v2 pre release

The first version of MatriX was released in February 2009. Now 6 years later we announce MatriX v2 pre release. Over the last six years we released all new features and improvements always immediately to our customers, without making major changes in the version number. There have never been any breaking changes. MatriX v2 has […]

Secure Gmail Authentication with X-OAUTH2 SASL

In July 2014 Google has introduced the “More Secure Gmail Authentication feature”. When Access for less secure apps is set to disabled then Google does not allow login over SASL PLAIN anymore (even on TLS). During authentication Google replies with the not-authorized error. And they will notify you by email that access to an insecure […]

Unity development with MatriX

A question which comes up very often is the following: Can I use MatriX with Unity 3d? Of course you can. Many of our customers are using it with great success in their Unity projects. Unity is based on Mono. MatriX is designed for cross platform and works on all major .NET platforms, including Mono. […]

Task-based asynchronous MUC room configuration

The question on how to change the configuration of a Muc room, or how to make a room persistend comes up very often in our forums and support enquiries. Here is a small example using MatriX and the task based asynchronous pattern. In MatriX most of the Muc functionality can be accessed with the MucManager […]