XmppDotNet announcement

I want to announce the availability of the XmppDotNet XMPP library. XmppDotNet is the new name and next generation of our MatriX vNext XMPP library.

Why changing the name?

It was never intended to keep vNext in the name forever. And there is a lot of confusion between MatriX and MatriX vNext at some of our existing customers. Most of them expect both libraries to be fully API compatible. Or they expect to have a very simple upgrade path.
But this was never case, and there are no plans to publish API compatible wrappers or migration tools.
The MatriX XMPP library development started over 2 decades ago as agsXMPP. XMPP was known as Jabber these days. While Jabber/XMPP evolved a lot over the years the same applies also to the underlying .NET technologies.

Most of the code in XmppDotNet is rewritten, the API and architecture is completely redesigned. It targets .NET Core only. While many legacy protocols and extensions are still implemented and working the focus is on modern XMPP and its extensions.

The license is currently GPL v3. But there are plans to switch XmppDotNet to a less restrictive license in the future.

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