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Introducing MatriX vNext

We are thrilled to announce the next generation of the MatriX XMPP libraries. 15 years elapsed already since we started our first .NET/c# XMPP library agsXMPP with .NET 1.0. Our XMPP libraries and the .NET technologies had many major evolutions over the years. With the switch to .Net Core we also took the opportunity for […]

MatriX XMPP SDK available for .NET Core

The MatriX XMPP SDK is also available for the .NET Core now. You can get it from NuGet here: It passed all our internal tests and QA, but its still marked as a pre-release until we collected some more feedback from users. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly, or use our forums for any […]

NuGet package available

Some of our customers asked for NuGet packages. The roadmap of our development is heavily impacted by our customer requests. We are always receptive to your criticism, ideas and praise When you prefer NuGet for managing your references then you can start using it for MatriX as well now. You can find the MatriX NuGet […]

Await MatriX

C# 5.0 brought us the great new Async and Await feature. It helps to avoid bottlenecks when it comes to performance or to improve the responsiveness of UI applications. Both of them were never a problem in MatriX, because its completely asynchronous internal. We helped GUI developers a lot by handling all multi threading and […]

MatriX XMPP library for iOS and Android available

MatriX XMPP library for iOS and Android is in Beta status now. Both versions are based on MonoTouch and Mono for Android from Xamarin. Using this technology you can easily port your existing MatriX based c# XMPP apps to iOS and Android and resuse most of your existing code and business logic. When you are […]

Microsoft adds XMPP support to Windows Live Messenger

This are great news for the XMPP community. Microsoft has added XMPP client support to their Windows Live servers. You can read the announcement here. Microsoft does not support any of the mandatory SASL mechanisms SCRAM, DIGEST-MD5 and PLAIN. Instead they have implemented their own X-MESSENGER-OAUTH2 SASL mechanism. This means that all existing XMPP Software […]

MatriX status update

I have not posted any updates for a while, which does not mean that there aren’t any. So what I am working on? There is huge progress in MatriX. Many of our customers are demanding support for special XEPs and other library extensions. So I have been working very close with them implementing many new […]

a short MatriX development update

there were no blog posts for a while because I was too very busy with coding. I released MatriX 1.3 for .NET some days ago. This release includes many new features. To name only some of the latest updates: SASL EXTERNAL SASL SCRAM-SHA-1 file tranfer control XPath filering roster versioning ….. Yesterday I successfully compiled […]

XPath support for MatriX

XPath support for my XMPP libraries was on my TODO list for a long time. Because agsXMPP is using its own DOM implementation I wasn’t able to use standard XPath libraries. Writing a custom XPath implementation is quite a challenge, and using System.Xml’s XPath functions would require 2 different DOMs and parsing the Xml twice, […]

Silverlight XMPP setup guide for MatriX

It looks like many developers have problems to setup and debug Silverlight applications with MatriX. There are different ways to setup a XMPP connection with MatriX direct socket connection on a port within the Silverlight port range direct connection over a HTTP proxy with the CONNECT command (HTTP tunneling) BOSH connection Silverlight has different network […]