MatriX status update

I have not posted any updates for a while, which does not mean that there aren’t any.
So what I am working on?

There is huge progress in MatriX. Many of our customers are demanding support for special XEPs and other library extensions. So I have been working very close with them implementing many new XEPs and other useful features. I will create separate blog posts for some of these features.

Windows Phone Mango is coming now with sockets. So I have added sockets to the Windows Phone Mango version which is RTM now.

The port of MatriX to Android using mono for Android is nearly finished. You can expect a beta version very soon. Drop me an email when you are interested to join the beta test.

Whats next? Once the Android version is done I will start to work on a iOS version with MonoTouch.

You will be able to target all major mobile platform and reuse lots of your existing code and business logic.

There was no official release for a while, but the latest stable builds are always located here:

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