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MatriX status update

I have not posted any updates for a while, which does not mean that there aren’t any. So what I am working on? There is huge progress in MatriX. Many of our customers are demanding support for special XEPs and other library extensions. So I have been working very close with them implementing many new […]

Windows Phone Mango

Today Microsoft has released the Beta Tools for Mango. Mango delivers many new features to Windows Phone developers. The two features we were waiting for are the following: Background processing Networking / sockets for communications Now you are also able to use sockets instead of BOSH as transport layer on Windows Phone Mango. And your […]

MatriX 1.4 released

I am happy to announce release 1.4 of the MatriX XMPP libraries. There are many minor and major improvements. Here is a small list of changes Silverlight version updated to Silverlight 4.0 added ability in Silverlight to download policies over HTTP instead of sockets (new feature in SL4) try to connect to all hosts in […]

a short MatriX development update

there were no blog posts for a while because I was too very busy with coding. I released MatriX 1.3 for .NET some days ago. This release includes many new features. To name only some of the latest updates: SASL EXTERNAL SASL SCRAM-SHA-1 file tranfer control XPath filering roster versioning ….. Yesterday I successfully compiled […]