a short MatriX development update

there were no blog posts for a while because I was too very busy with coding.

I released MatriX 1.3 for .NET some days ago. This release includes many new features. To name only some of the latest updates:

  • file tranfer control
  • XPath filering
  • roster versioning
  • …..

Yesterday I successfully compiled and tested MatriX on Windows Phone 7. MatriX for Windows Phone will be the next product to complete the MatriX series released very soon.

If you plan to develop XMPP apps for WP7 or need a XMPP layer for WP7 feel free to contact me.

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  1. Hey there,

    Just dropped you an email. It’d be awesome if I could get a copy of matrix for WP7,

    Thanks in advance,

    Adam Walker

  2. I uploaded the MatriX library for WP7 to:

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