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MatriX Mobile released

I am pleased to announce the availability of MatriX Mobile for the .NET Compact Framework. This is the 3rd product in the MatriX series. Now MatriX is available for all major .NET platforms. full .NET Framework .NET Compact Framework Silverlight This allows you to use one API for Desktop, Mobile and Web Development and reuse […]

MatriX for .NET released

I am pleased to announce the availability of MatriX for the full .NET Framework. This is the second product in the MatriX series. The next step now is MatriX mobile for the .NET Compact Framework which I expect to be released Jan 2010. This will allow you to use one API for Desktop, Mobile and […]

MatriX for Silverlight 1.10 released

I am happy to announce MatriX for Silverlight 1.10. New additions in this version are: Multi User Chat Vcard Avatars many other small improvements Here you can see a screenshot of the Silverlight MUC client with avatars. You can see the Silverlight MUC client in action here.

MUC for Silverlight

in the last days I was working on MUC extensions for MatriX. If you have the Silverlight Browser plugin installed you can test the Silverlight MUC client here. I will add more MUC features to MatriX and the client, and make a new release of MatriX soon.

MatriX for Silverlight released

I am pleased to announce the first release of MatriX for Microsoft Silverlight. MatriX is a XMPP library for Microsoft Silverlight web development written in c#. Currently MatriX supports the XMPP core. I am working hard on adding many new features and XEPs. You can expect some updates with new features in the next weeks. […]

Silverlight updates

I was working a lot on the Silverlight version since the 1st announcement. You can expect the release very soon. What happened: I renamed the project from agsXMPP2 to MatriX. The core of the Silverlight library works also under .NET, Compact Framework and Mono. Future versions of agsXMPP will use this core as well and […]

SRV meets LINQ

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is really amazing. Today I rewrote a function which picks the correct SRV-Record according to the priority and weight for XMPP client and server connections. The old code without comments were 63 lines. The new code is about 12 lines and much easier to read IMHO. But take a look at […]