MatriX for Silverlight released

I am pleased to announce the first release of MatriX for Microsoft Silverlight.

MatriX is a XMPP library for Microsoft Silverlight web development written in c#. Currently MatriX supports the XMPP core. I am working hard on adding many new features and XEPs. You can expect some updates with new features in the next weeks.

Download MatriX here:

look at the demo client here:

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  1. Demo client not working- its going directly to the download?

    Am confused?

  2. Umm, is it supposed to work with gmail accounts?…Becuase for me it isn’t

  3. Gmail requires TLS or GOOGLE-X-TOKEN authentication
    There is no TLS support in Silverlight and we can’t use GOOGLE-X-TOKEN because of cross domain restrictions. But you can connect to Gmail if you use a proxy like punjab over BOSH.

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