Silverlight updates

I was working a lot on the Silverlight version since the 1st announcement. You can expect the release very soon.

What happened:

  • I renamed the project from agsXMPP2 to MatriX.
  • The core of the Silverlight library works also under .NET, Compact Framework and Mono. Future versions of agsXMPP will use this core as well and will benefit from all new cool .NET features like Generics, LINQ, LINQ to Xml and others.
  • BOSH support was added
  • Proxy support was added

You can test the basic Silverlight2 example client here:

You should be able to connect to any XMPP server on the federated network which needs no SRV lookups. In the next version I will allow you to specify the server hostname on the login page.

All comments and bug reports are welcome.

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  1. its hosted on a dynamic Ip.
    Works for me right now. Maybe an issue with your dns server still having an old Ip?

  2. It works great! Where can I download that application? I didn’t find it

  3. its not released yet, we are working hard to get out the release 1.0 very soon. You can contact me by email for a beta release.

  4. I’m interested in try a beta release, what is your email? To post a comment here I must put a email address, if you want you can contact to me by that address

  5. you can find the email address on the About page of the blog and our webpages.

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