MatriX XMPP library for iOS and Android available

MatriX XMPP library for iOS and Android is in Beta status now. Both versions are based on MonoTouch and Mono for Android from Xamarin.

Using this technology you can easily port your existing MatriX based c# XMPP apps to iOS and Android and resuse most of your existing code and business logic.

When you are interested in Beta testing then please contact us.

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  1. Which server is compatible for MatriX?

    • XMPP is a standardized protocol within the IETF. MatriX is fully compatible with the latest standard. So it works with every XMPP server that follows the standard. I am no aware of any incompatible servers.

  2. Hi!

    I’m trying to create a simple jabber client for iOS.
    I’ve downloaded the Matrix for .Net package, added binaries to a project, add minimal code to connect to a jabber server, but the Xamarin Studio gets the error “Internal compiler error: Could not import type `Matrix.Xmpp.Client.XmppClient` from `Matrix, Version=, etc.
    What I have to do to get rid of this error?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Ok, I cannot find the link for the download. I am really interested in this.

    Where is the Link?

  4. Can be agsXMPP SDK also used in Mono paltform ?

    • Yes it can. Maybe that you have to make some small modifications to the code. I have not compiled a Mono build of agsXMPP myself for a while.

  5. Hi,
    I am trying to make a simple Matrix client for my iOS app.
    I am pretty new to Xamarin and worked on basic stuff yet.I want to know that what are server side configurations for XMPP that can work both for android and iOS.
    Along with that we need android and iOS .NET Standard builds links for iOS and android.It would a great help if you can send us some initial code sample for either platform iOS or android.

    Warm Regards:
    Ali Akram

  6. Hi.
    Can I use agsXMPP lib for iOS project now, or there is some fundamental problem for that?


  7. I mean Xamarin.iOS

    • Please use our MatriX library with Xamarin. MatriX is fully compatible.
      We have no agsXMPP builds for Xamarin.

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