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XmppDotNet announcement

I want to announce the availability of the XmppDotNet XMPP library. XmppDotNet is the new name and next generation of our MatriX vNext XMPP library. Why changing the name? It was never intended to keep vNext in the name forever. And there is a lot of confusion between MatriX and MatriX vNext at some of […]

MatriX vNext 2.0 released

we are thrilled to announce MatriX vNext 2.0 main changes in 2.0 are: minor API changes which force major version bump (semver) Direct TLS support (XEP-0368) netstandard 2.0 support new NameResolver wich allows to specify IP addresses of the XMPP server manual new Matrix.Extensions package with extensions and helper functions myget feed for latest dev […]

Introducing MatriX vNext

We are thrilled to announce the next generation of the MatriX XMPP libraries. 15 years elapsed already since we started our first .NET/c# XMPP library agsXMPP with .NET 1.0. Our XMPP libraries and the .NET technologies had many major evolutions over the years. With the switch to .Net Core we also took the opportunity for […]

MatriX XMPP SDK available for .NET Core

The MatriX XMPP SDK is also available for the .NET Core now. You can get it from NuGet here: It passed all our internal tests and QA, but its still marked as a pre-release until we collected some more feedback from users. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly, or use our forums for any […]