agsXMPP and Silverlight

agsXMPP supports lots of platforms which currently include Windows, Linux (Mono) and Windows-Mobile. And the next version I am currently working on will also support Microsoft Silverlight.
This opens new possibilities to xmpp web development.

I attached a small screenshot which shows agsXMPP for Silverlight in action. Follow this blog for updates.

agsXMPP Silverlight example
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  1. I am glad to see that you are working to improve and extend your XMPP stack into Silverlight.

    Actually, I am more glad to see that you are actively supporting and updating AG’s XMPP offering.

    I am starting to look into your offering compared to jabber-net and it heartens me to see this blog.

  2. ya, the Silverlight version is coming soon.
    If you want to test it then leave me a message.
    Its based on the upcoming v2 version of Silverlight. Because the current 1.x version has no support for sockets and cross domain browser requests.

  3. That offer to try out the silverlight version of agsXMPP still available? :)

    Would be fantastic, migrate code from WPF -> Silverlight, with both the front end and backend changing very little!

  4. yes its available. Contact me over jabber or email.

  5. Jonathan Dickinson

    BOSH (Binding) can be used to help with the Silverlight 1.0 APIs…

  6. yes, but Silverlight 1.0 supports no cross domain WebRequests, so its not very useful, even with BOSH.

  7. I too would like to test the silverlight beta product. I have been doing much in silverlight, and once your product integrates I will make the final push. I did get the sockets to work in 2.0, but would love to have agsxmpp instead of homebrewed sockets.

  8. Hi MrHeo,

    I assume you are using agsXMPP 1.0. This version does not work on Silverlight.
    For this reason I am working on a complete rewrite of agsXMPP and the Silverlight Version announced here.
    If you are interested at the agsXMPP Silverlight version send me an email.

  9. Hi there!

    A Silverlight version would be awesome. If I can be a beta tester please include me. A silverlight version is what Im waiting for to be able to build a next gen product.

  10. Hello,

    because there is lots of interest at the Silverlight version of agsXMPP I uploaded it with a basic example. You can download it here:

    All comments. bug reports and feature requests are welcome.

  11. Hi,

    Is the library still available for the sample project ? An error message tells me in VS that the library agsXMPP_SL is not available. I added a reference to agsXMPP library but the app doesn’t make any connection (I used the chat server from my company and my spark id)

    If you have any news or updates please let me know.

  12. the binary is included in the download I posted here.
    The Beta of Silverlight 2 allows socket connections only on a small port range. So you have to change the port of your xmpp server to get it working.

  13. hi there, can you elaborate on what did you have to change in the original agsXMPP library to make it work with silverlight?
    from what i understand a silverlight project referencing agxXMPP should compile and work fine (if there is no cross domain going on that is).

  14. i downloaded the project from here (
    and i get below error message when i try to open it in VS2005…
    any idea what is going on?

    thank you.

    Microsoft Visual Studio
    The project file ‘agsXMPP-SilverLightClient\SilverLightClient.csproj’ cannot be opened.

    The project type is not supported by this installation.
    OK Help

  15. There are many classes missing in the Silverlight Framework. Its only a small subset of the regular or CF Framework. So the regular agsXMPP code will not compile and work without huge changes.
    This is why I started the work on the next generation of the agsXMPP SDK which compiles on all platforms like agsXMPP 1.1 and also is Silverlight compatible.

  16. I uploaded a newer version which is compatible with the latest Release of Silverlight 2.0

  17. where did you put it? can you please share the url?

    i still don’t understand why it wont compile… what is the root cause? i am missing something here.

  18. same error… what VS did yo use?

  19. its the same URL I posted above.
    I am using VS 2008 SP1 and the latest SIlverlight addons.

  20. Good to know that agsxmpp is going to support silverlight. When do we expect a beta release?

  21. It will be released very soon. Pin me by email for a beta version.

  22. Please keep me posted on any beta release of the SL2 sample app.
    Any plans supporting BOSH over Javascript in future?


  23. Bosh is available in the latest version build on top of HttpWebRequests, no idea if it makes sense to use JavaScript directly.

  24. Laszlo Szacsuri

    I’m so glad finally does this…
    I’ve just got the project from the link, and I have a problem connecting to the GTalk server. I’m eager to debug what the problem might be – since it’s simply not doing anything after .Open(). Without any error, event, or message, I’m pretty hopeless now…
    Do you plan to share the source of the SL2 compatible library?

  25. you cannot connect to GTalk directly because Silverlight does not allow cross domain sockets. And you are allowed to connect only on a small range of ports. To connect to other servers you need a proxy, tunnel or smth similar.
    We work currently on a test server with a proxy. This allows you to nearly connect to every xmpp compatible server on the network. When the test server is alive I will post this on this blog and also release a new version of the library.
    We have currently no plans to publish the SL version under GPL like the current agsXMPP SDK.

  26. Laszlo Szacsuri

    So – if I understand right from this article – the client-access-policy stuff with the cross-domain-access tag lets SL only the 4502-4532 range possible to open sockets. Now GTalk is using port 5222.
    If I set a port forwarding proxy up which routes this e.g. 4522 to google’s 5222 will that possible work?

  27. yes this is how we do it in our latest developer code. We added support for HTTP tunneling which allows us to connect to every xmpp server in the federated network over a Silverlight application.
    But I think this will also fail for Google talk because you can authenticate only on secure connection to GTalk, and Silverlight supports no secure sockets (SslStream).
    Any reason why you are using GTalk instead of running your own XMPP Server?

  28. Laszlo Szacsuri

    I’d like to create a DotNetNuke module control providing IM functionality.
    My reasons, factors, motives:
    – DNN is used commonly by people who doesn’t have hosted servers, but they’re hosting their sites at providers with only http capabilities, no non-standard ports
    – Integrating a JScript-JSON based XMPP solution (if there’s any) into DNN would be really hard, SL seemed more appropriate.
    – Google has tonns of users already registered -> building up a community it’s good to have some kind of SSO
    – Believe it or not – at first I couldn’t either – there are companies, who banned * at company network.

  29. it fails with your first argument, because you need a non standard port or an installed proxy. Both not possible with standard webhosting.

    There is an extensions to transport XMPP over HTTP called BOSH. But only some servers on the XMPP network have BOSH enabled, and the GTalk servers don’t support it. There are Bosh proxies, but they require again an own server where you can install them.

    Most existing XMPP webchats use Java Script libraries like speeqe based ob BOSH, whcih requires and BOSH connection manager (proxy) on the hosting server.

  30. Great news on the Silverlight version. Any Ideas when it will be available?

  31. you can contact me by email to get the latest version.
    We are working hard on getting the release v1 ready.

  32. I’m super excited about the agsXMPP Silverlight library. In the mean time I have been playing with MatriX. It does everything I want, except when I move my app to an out of browser app. It is trying to access the DOM, which doesn’t exist for Out of browser apps. If you could make it possible to use this in out of browser situations that would be wonderful!

    • There is no Silverlight version of agsXMPP, there is only MartiX for Silverlight.
      In the unregistered version it tries to show a nag screen on connect. This does not work out of the browser. in the registered version everything will work fine.

  33. Can I get a demo project for purpose [MartiX for Silverlight] ?

  34. Demos are included with the download of the SDK.

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