SRV Record Tester

Because many Windows users are not familiar with tools like nslookup, dig and SRV records I have created a small GUI tool to lookup XMPP SRV Records on Windows.

You can download the tool from the following link.

The .NET Framework 4 Client Profile is required to run this tool.

Screenshot - SRV Record Tester

Screenshot - SRV Record Tester

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  1. “There’s an App for that.”

    I usually use `host -t srv _xmpp-{server,client}._tcp.$domain`

  2. I tried running this under mono-2.10.5. The GUI came up fine and I was able to type my domainname into the textbox, but nothing happened when I clicked “Lookup”.

    In debugging it, I saw that SrvTester was, I think, trying to dlopen() the “libdnsapi” library. Doesn’t the .net platform have enough built-in DNS support to render this portability-breaking operation unnecessary (or does it actually not)?

  3. This tool works on Windows only because its using Windows API for the SRV lookups. There is no SRV support in the .NET platform,

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